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Have you heard about media literacy? Media literacy refers to identifying different types of media and analyzing the messages that media communicates. Developing media literacy allows students to be more responsible when consuming as well as creating media and content. Learn about the benefits of developing media literacy in this article by The Tutoring Center, League City, TX.

Critical Thinking

Developing media literacy requires students to take a specific message and determine what it is trying to communicate and how it affects those who have contact with the information. These skills allow students to develop their critical thinking and helps them develop their own opinions towards media.

Creating Media

Understanding media and its effects helps students understand the impact that what they create can have. Media literacy allows students to understand the importance of creating media responsibly and learn how to communicate their own perspective towards a topic efficiently.

Health Effects

Many students spend excessive amounts of time watching TV, on their computers, or even on their phones. Immoderate screen time can be detrimental to students' mental health and overall wellbeing. Learning about these consequences allows students to form a healthy relationship with electronic devices and media.

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